Training Facilitation

Corporate & Non-profit Training

Synchronous VILT & ILT

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) Training

Project Title: Leading a Team in a Hybrid Work Model

Tool Used in Development: AhaSlides, Canva, Powtoon

Client: NAVEX Global

Challenge: On a video conference, facilitate a presentation to leaders on how to lead hybrid teams.

Solution: I used AhaSlides as a way to engage learners in the introduction of a VILT presentation on how to lead a team in a hybrid work model. The introduction also included a short video in Powtoon about the pros and cons of working from home and how a hybrid work model solves some of the problems associated with working from home. I used AhaSlides throughout the presentation to get immediate feedback from the audience on each topic covered.

Results: This VILT session will be one of many in the company's Leaders Leading Leaders program.

Instructor-Led Training

Project Title: Introduction to Family Promise of Tualatin Valley

Tool Used in Development: MS PowerPoint & MS Word

Client: Family Promise of Tualatin Valley (FPTV)

Challenge: Facilitate live training sessions that inform interested volunteers about homelessness and the FPTV program.

Solution: I created a MS PowerPoint slideshow to use during instructor-led trainings for FPTV volunteers. During the training, I led volunteers in a role-playing scenario activity that used the Making Choices Spending Plan Handout. This experience put the volunteers in the role of an at-risk family. Volunteers would hear different real-life scenarios and had to make decisions that affected their housing, childcare, transportation, food and healthcare situations.

Results: Volunteers reported that they were more empathetic and compassionate with homeless residents after participating in the simulation activity.

Onboard Training

Title: Onboard Training of New Customers

Tool Used in Development: Used Canva graphic design tool for the infographic handout; used Camtasia video recording/editing software & Audacity audio recording/editing software and posted on YouTube for the screencast video

Client: eRegister Express

Challenge: Onboard new customers onto the eRegister Express software as a service platform so that a new manager is familiar with the management dashboard and can set up their first online registration form.

Solution: I grouped tasks into 5 steps and developed a process infographic handout for host managers to follow. I also developed a screencast video that gives an overview of the management dashboard and demonstrates how to create a custom registration form.

Results: New managers are now trained efficiently in eRegister Express. After one training session managers are able to set up their own online registration sites and start using the eRegister Express platform to collect payments.