Program Management

Learning programs I managed

for NIKE Global Finance:

Global Finance Data Academy

Data Academy Overview

Project Title: Global Finance Data Academy - Program Overview Slideshow

Tool Used in Development: MS PowerPoint

Client: NIKE Global Finance

Challenge: Develop a program outline presentation for a pilot program of cohorts for data analytics training, called the Data Academy

Solution: With the L&D program owner, I developed an overview of a pilot program to train finance team members to develop skills as data analysts. The program will guide a small cohort of learners as they complete online training content from external content vendor Coursera. The cohort will meet weekly to facilitate the learning program. I serve as program administrator and run the weekly cohort sessions.

Results: After a process of proposals to the Executive Finance Team Leaders, the NIKE L&D team received approval to pilot online learning content from Coursera. The Data Academy was approved and planning began in the spring. We collaborated with data analyst SMEs to assemble curated content for the training program. We recruited a pilot cohort group and began with a kickoff meeting in mid-summer. The Data Academy will go for 4-6 months with 8-10 hours per week of online training and meetings. Learners who complete the program receive certificates in data analytics and become ambassadors for their teams in finance at NIKE. Learners will be able to advance in their current roles or move to a new position using new skills as financial data analysts.

Global Finance Learning Challenge

Project Title: Global Finance Learning Challenge

Tools Used in Development: Degreed Learning Experience Platform (LXP), Canva graphics design tool, Adobe Acrobat, CredSpark audience engagement tool

Client: NIKE Global Finance

Challenge: Promote a continuous learning culture for the global finance team

Solution: Built an engaging learning challenge for the global team. Created a challenge plan on the Degreed LXP with weekly modules of learning content. Topics included: an overview of the features of the LXP; content on the benefits of continuous learning for career development; and strategies on how to build a learning habit that will stick. Learning assets included articles, videos, custom job aids, posts, activities and tasks.

Results: The January launch of the learning challenge was delayed due to a resurgence of COVID in early 2022. The challenge was repurposed into a plan for continuous learning instead of a challenge. The L&D team monitored participation through LXP metrics and feedback surveys.

Finance Functional Expertise Learning

Identify insights from data and leverage data models to drive increased performance

Solve complex and ambiguous problems strategically, flexibly and in an iterative fashion

Understand how digital technology can be applied to solve business problems

Project Title: Finance Functional Expertise Learning

Tool Used in Development: Degreed Learning Experience Platform, Canva

Client: NIKE Global Finance

Challenge: Create learning pathways of curated content on the Degreed LXP to promote training on high priority finance functional competencies

Solution: I made learning pathways for each area of finance functional expertise that included courses, videos, articles, posts, podcasts and tasks.

Results: The learning pathways were released to the organization and provide current, high-quality learning content. This learning on-demand strategy promotes a culture of continuous learning and upskilling for finance team members.

Digital Transformation Learning Program

Project Title: Digital Transformation Learning Program - Top Learner Survey

Tool Used in Development: Qualtrics XM survey tool

Client: NIKE Global Finance

Challenge: Collect feedback from top learners in Global Finance of an enterprise-wide learning program

Solution: I created & distributed an online survey to top learners from the finance department.

Results: We received responses from 85% of learners invited to participate in the survey.