Instructional Design

Skills include: Adult Learning, Needs Assessment, Learner Analysis, Goals & Objectives, Storyboarding, Course Evaluation & Universal Design for Learning

Adult Learning Strategies

[Infographic - Scroll to View]

Project Title: 3 Learning Strategies to Meet Adult Learning Needs

Tool Used in Development: Piktochart infographic creation tool

Challenge: Create a presentation for a client that explains adult learning stategies.

Solution: I summarized the information into 3 strategies focused on the course topic, implicit bias awareness.

Results: The client could view and share this interactive presentation with stakeholders.

Needs Assessment & Learner Analysis

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Project Title: Project Needs Assessment & Learner Analysis

Tool Used in Development: MS Sway presentation tool

Challenge: Deliver a project overview to the client.

Solution: I created an interactive presentation that can be shared and viewed by client stakeholders.

This presentation summarizes the following information:

Course Goals & Objectives

Project Title: Backward Design Chart

Tool Used in Development: MS Word

Challenge: Deliver a project design plan to the client.

Solution: I use backward design planning when creating a course. So, this project plan for the client is a chart that gives an overview of the backward design plan. 

The chart includes these items:


Project Title: Storyboard for a Learning Module

Tool Used in Development: MS PowerPoint template

Client: Human Resources Dept.

Challenge: Client requests a storyboard for each module of an e-learning course

Solution: The storyboard is created in the beginning of the development phase to outline the visuals, text and audio elements, interactions, navigation and anything else that will be used in the course. Above are 2 sample cards from the storyboard PowerPoint stack.

Course Evaluation

Project Title: Course Quality Evaluation Survey

Tool Used in Development: Typeform interactive form-building tool

Challenge: Create an evaluation survey for Articulate Rise course testers.

Solution: I created a mobile survey that is simple for users.

The survey covers topics:

Results: Users found it easy to answer survey questions.

Universal Design for Learning

Project Title: Apple Clips Video - Universal Design for Learning (UDL) E-Learning

Tool Used in Development: Apple Clips

Challenge: Demonstrate an e-learning tool that develops UDL learning content.

Solution: I found a free app on my iPhone that is a helpful tool - Clips by Apple. It's easy to create videos with cool camera effects and filters, music, animated text, emoji, stickers, and more. This short video is a demo for other e-learning instructional designers.