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Design Document

Project Title: Backward Design Chart

Tool Used in Development: MS Word

Challenge: Deliver a project design plan to the client.

Solution: I use backward design planning when creating a course. So, this project plan for the client is a chart that gives an overview of the backward design plan.

The chart includes these items:

  • Course goals

  • Learning objectives & outcomes

  • Possible assessments

Design Document

Project Title: Course Overview Document

Tool Used in Development: Google Docs

Challenge: Submit a course overview document to the client.

Solution: This Course Overview document summarizes:

  • Background information

  • Target audience profiles

  • Course objectives

Design Documents

Project Title: LMS Comparison & LMS Transition Plan

Tool Used in Development: Google Docs

Challenge: The client wants to move to an LMS platform that better meets the needs of their growing organization. The client is aware that a transition to a new LMS will be tough for many staff members in the organization.

Solution: I worked with stakeholders to assess the organization's LMS needs. Then I researched and compared different LMS platforms, and presented a comparison chart to the client. I also developed a transition plan for communication and training to facilitate change management during the transition.

Results: It was essential that the organization had a detailed plan in place to facilitate the transition. The organization successfully made the transition to the new LMS platform and continues to provide ongoing training for all staff.

LMS Platforms I've Used: Blackboard, Canvas, Cornerstone, Degreed, D2L, Docebo, iLearn, TalentLMS, Totara, Workday


Project Title: 3 Learning Strategies to Meet Adult Learning Needs

Tool Used in Development: Piktochart infographic creation tool

Challenge: Create a presentation for a client that explains adult learning stategies.

Solution: I summarized the information into 3 strategies focused on the course topic, implicit bias awareness.

Results: The client could view and share this interactive presentation with stakeholders.


Project Title: Project Needs Assessment & Learner Analysis

Tool Used in Development: MS Sway presentation tool

Challenge: Deliver a project overview to the client.

Solution: I created an interactive presentation that can be shared and viewed by client stakeholders.

This presentation summarizes the following information:

  • Course training needs

  • Analysis of adult learners

  • A list of project stakeholders

  • ID project management goals


Project Title: Course Quality Evaluation Survey

Tool Used in Development: Typeform interactive form-building tool

Challenge: Create an evaluation survey for Articulate Rise course testers.

Solution: I created a mobile survey that is simple for users.

The survey covers topics:


  • Ruth Clark's 6 Principles of Good Design

  • Quality Matters

  • Accessibility

  • 508 Compliance

Results: Users found it easy to answer survey questions.


Project Title: Top Learner Survey

Tool Used in Development: Qualtrics XM survey tool

Client: NIKE, Inc.

Employed by North Highland Consulting on a 2080 contract as an ETW employee at NIKE, Inc.

Challenge: Collect feedback from top learners of an enterprise-wide learning program

Solution: I created & distributed an online survey to top learners from the finance department.

Results: We received responses from 85% of learners invited to participate in the survey.